#Bettysgetitdone    I made up that hashtag during what was probably my first week as a member of Team Betty. It’s stuck with my teammates, and it’s certainly one I also use often. We get it done. Badasses get it done. I might never have considered myself a true badass until that hashtag got me to the start line of IMMT 70.3 last Sunday.  Devoid of energy, clinging to my smile only because I do love my sport something fierce, I lined up absolutely scared to bonk. To break. To admit that 3 months of meds and an extreme change to my diet had left me void of hope of accomplishing anything “badass” at all. I was scared shitless to not get it done.  With that hashtag written on my hand as a reminder I got it done way better than I expected. (I didn’t break, until the last 2km!)  And just as the universe does sneaky things on purpose to teach us…. two days later the call from my doctor came in, I’m free. I’m healed. I’m not 100%, but the worst is over, I got it done!!!  #badassisbeautiful

I was honoured to be on the Tioga Wellness podcast that same day, only 2 days after attempting to PR IMMT 70.3 on very restrictive medical diet, to discuss the past 3 months of my life as I tried to cure my gut from 3 nasty bacteria overgrowth issues. I did my best to express myself, as from the comments I received on my last post I know there are a lot of peeps out there suffering.  The conversation was unexpected, but along with my friends Tom and Chris I believe we covered all the territory in the most simple and athletic sense.

I invite you to listen in, perhaps take away some golden tidbits that will help guide you to seek help, or at least question some alternatives for you in your life so that you can also bounce back more badass to race strong & healthy this Summer.

We also chat about Carb-Backloading, Weight loss during racing season, How to choose the best race for you, and why it doesn’t matter if the aid-station buffet is non-GMO 😉

Here is the link: Tioga Wellness Podcast

If you are wondering what tests I did, what those tests proved, what my protocol was and who is the awesome sports nutritionist who held my hand throughout please email or PM me on Facebook.    Feeling good feels really good!!! My wish is that we all feel our very best everyday, so we can put our best self out there to get it done!!

Train safe, eat well, be awesome, and DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

Jules xx

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 5.51.56 AM


A Few of my Favourite Things!!

Oh my gosh!! Where has time gone! I wake up this AM to realize IMMT 70.3 is this Sunday, which means SUMMER is here!! I haven’t written since Winter. YIKES!  Well, blame a few things my dear reader, but not my heart!

Spring finally blessed us with some great riding weather, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to taking FULL ON advantage of it. I had a great 6 day training block in May which allowed me to live like a pro and log in some serious time on the bike. Although improving my headspace and my run has been the focus coming into this season, the bike is where this Betty is happy. Scared shitless but happy. #lovemybikes  7 months of Winter-Spring training under the amazing guidance of SuperCoach, and I’m very happy to have pulled in an AG winning race 2 weeks ago!!! Came home having faced a few fears and earned some free swag! 😀 YAHOO!

Beyond training & riding bikes, my happy place is my kitchen. Although I have as much time for cooking as I seem to for blogging these days, our daily life still revolves very much around whole, natural, yummy foods.  Most days that means butternut squash fries dipped in a dilled-out dijon for me, or a well topped grass-fed burger for the boys.   The BBQ is out, and seemingly always on, making sure our cauliflower is just the perfect shade of “Grilled”, YUM!

Since there are no secrets when it comes to food, truth be told I was diagnosed with an insane stomach issue in the Spring, which has completely altered my diet. I do want to blog about that, because it’s been a lot of work to figure out, and a TON of tears as I try to train & race through it…. That post will be up next week. Once I test out my new race nutrition this weekend, I think I’ll be in a much better place to inform & maybe help many of you out there. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I have tried to keep my focus on the things I love, the people I adore, and the very awesome fact that even when we don’t feel completely awesome, a smile can change everything.  So what are my absolute FAVOURITE, MUST HAVES that are keeping me HAPPY & smiley as the sun comes out and the days get longer & crazier?  Where am I shopping (always online!) for fun & food? Heres the list, my favs, for Spring- Summer 2015 #sharingiscaring

Best headbands for active girls & SuperMamas, ever. Hands down. Stay in place when running, and are oh-so-pretty!  So thrilled to have discovered these, the site pics do no justice to the bright, pretty colours… I want them all!!  Bonus: the site owner is a SuperMama triathlete herself!!   Sweaty Bands

Anything ‘bike’ wins me over. (Have u seen my summer purse??) The bike themed, hand crafted jewelry from Plaid Lab Studio  is perfect for any girl who lives on 2 wheels!!

so perfect!!

so perfect!!

Of course, rocking my Team Betty training and racing gear is an honour I am seriously giddy about this season! What a team to be a part of!! #badassisbeautiful I’ve been training in nothing but beautiful Betty Designs gear for 4 years….I literally have a closet just for it all! The bright colours pop to help me feel visible out on the roads, the tri shorts are so comfy I train in them even for long rides. And, more than anything, I am proud to wear a brand that supports women in sport…Every girl should know how badass & beautiful she is!!   Shop here: Betty Designs

Condiments.. Oh I love my condiments!! I eat a lot of raw veggies, a LOT, and nothing is more fun than to dipping veggies into something yummy!! Portion control is a must with condiments, so be fancy and scoop some into a little dish, just for you. You get no more, no less, but you get to taste the love!!!!    Take a good dijon, add mucho freshly chopped dill, a drop of honey, and dip an entire batch of butternut fries… Oh heaven!!
Melted coconut oil, sea salt, rosemary oil, chopped fresh basil… Dip roasted cauliflower florets, or baked potato wedges, thank me later.
If you are a fruit snacker, nothing says “I’m an athlete” more than spooning some espresso nut butter from Big Spoon Roasters on your apple. Spoon it, forget a knife, a spoon lets you pile it high!!

take Dylan's advice, use a big spoon!!

take Dylan’s advice, use a big spoon!!

Finally, as you are shopping for all these awesome things, listen to me and my nutty endurance friends as we chat about when to call your coach, kids in sport, goals in racing, and much more on the Tioga Wellness Podcast!!  listen here, & thx!!

As I mentioned, I will blog next week about all my drastic diet changes, race nutrition options for those with sensitive tummys or equally life-altering gut issues. I’ll go from A – Z of it all, from the lab tests to Sunday’s race and how you can help yourself if you are also struggling.  But it’s Hi 5’s and smiles for now, the focus is always on what I CAN do, what I WILL do, and what I love & eat along the way 😀

Eat well, train safe, race hard! Be awesome,


Butterflies & Skill Sets

This week has been HARD!  February brought in more cold temps, and more cabin fever than this family has ever experienced, all together, before.  We’re going stark mad.  We’re buying summer toys (OK, I’m buying summer toys!) knowing summer is a long ways away, then crying like a spoiled brat because we (I) can’t use them.  Winter blues. Winter blah. Winter needed a boost of inspiration before I packed up the new SUP and moved us all to Australia.

And just like that, perfectly timed, in my inbox one early morning when it was -32 out, an e-mail came in from SuperCoach.  It wasn’t about tri, or really meant to have such a lasting impact on me I don’t think.  It was about kids in sport, a topic that I try to be knowledgable about as I weave Dylan though the hockey system, in a hockey obsessed country.  (For readers in the USA, I would think our hockey is much like football for y’all… Is it that the system is too much or the parents are too much? Hard to know!)   In any case, it was a great article I happily shared with Dylan’s coach and have since reread about 6 times.

It made me think about my own approach to triathlon, the sport I love and obsess about. And I realized that my own mind needed changing.  A few days of thinking and pondering and absorbing and ‘taking out the trash’, I wake up realizing that the goals remain the same, but the mindset I have towards achieving them has evolved. Like a more mature head has replaced my previous way of thinking.  Cobwebs of last summer have been cleared, and perhaps now I can stop squinting at the season ahead, and live in the moment of right now.   Yes,  I’m months out from racing.  I’m missing summer something fierce. OW swimming with my friends, riding Uma into the red sun rising, running the muddy trails that soften the blows as much as they anchor my spirituality and strengthen my lungs & ankles & 1000 little feet bones.

I got a new attitude!

I got a new attitude!

Yet by looking at my Training Peaks account I see that I am deep in the build of the speed and efficiency I will need when Summer arrives. There is work that requires these winter months of chopping wood and carrying stones; I am supposed to be focused on what I have and what I am doing, not on what I am yearning for and what will come.  Cause summer WILL come.  Races will start, ready or not. Using these mornings on the treadmill and trainer to build skill are what the indoor months are for. It’s time I start using them to my advantage; it’s time I focus on the process, not the outcome.

Races are not won by the girl who lives frolicking in the sunshine. They are won by the girl with the most skill and clearest headspace on the day.  I have an opportunity every 4am, guided by the best Coach and supported by the most awesome village, to train with intent and focus.  The treadmill run in cold, dark February is not about my finishing chip time on race day 7 months from now, it’s about deeply controlling each huff and puff in my lungs, listening to each heart beat as it gives me feedback on my progress, about fixing the little niggles so that the foot hits the magic carpet perfectly, in proper form, each step.   Training not with the intent to win in 7 months, rather to develop the skills it will take to win in 7 months.  <– I JUST UNDERSTOOD THAT!!!

Excellence is all about the process; while winning is all about the outcome.”
John O’Sullivan

As we strive to be better parents, better athletes, better wellness advocates and better people, let’s remember that getting better at anything is a process. The majority of us were not born ‘naturals’ at the activities that drive us. If children came with a success-guide than mine was not in the box! We must reep to sow in this life. Give love get love. Hi 5 a stranger, get a smile. Trials of miles, miles of trials. Through school and work and play and parenting, I shift my goal from trying to be a ‘winner’ to trying to be the best I can possibly be and improving on my weaknesses. Most times, to do that, we must make the TIME to do so; Winter is my time to build. To turn my not-so-bad nutrition/ swim/ run/ riding efficiency/ flexibility/ core strength/ confidence into excellence. That means I will fail and fuck up. I’ll bonk. I’ll need to ‘restart’ somedays and try it again. I’ll have to find the fun in the hurt of working on the weaknesses…. If that means another 2 months of running in that garage, so be it! I’ll wear my neon pink Betty cap and get to work. Drills, thrills, skills, butterflies & skulls  😀

Eat well, train safe, be awesome, #trilikeagirl,

Jules xx



Getting Picky with It.

If you are a triathlete, you probably know of Picky Bars.  Picky Bars is an amazing little company, owned by pro-triathlete Jesse Thomas and his pro-runner wife, Lauren. Amazing people I have been lucky enough to meet, and a brilliant little company that makes bars unlike any other out there. These bars are YUM.

And you can’t get them in Canada. Unless you want to sell one of your bikes to pay for shipping.

So I don’t eat Picky Bars, even though, as you can tell, I like saying the words Picky Bars. 😀 Doesn’t it make you smile?  And I have yet to find a bar I actually WANT to eat. And here lies the problem, because as I am making major changes to my diet, I am left in the afternoon with not many attractive options.  I love fruit, fruit is amazing, but after being vegan for almost a life time, I am tired of dipping my apple slices in hummus. So I need a quick  & ez to pack, fill me up and make my belly feel full (I am STARVING at 4PM. ) snack that will get me to dinner awake and happy. I don’t want to dip anything, I don’t want to have to cook anything, I want to be at my desk at work about to pass out from ravenous hunger and go to OMG that was so yummy in 2.0 minutes.

Enter my refusal to pay Intl shipping on bars. Enter the fact that there is no bar on the shelves of my organic store that I want to eat everyday. Enter Jules, the girl who really knows how to cook. 😀 I love being the solution to my own problems; being resourceful is my favourite!!

And so during the weekend that should have been devoted to homework, I ran 18km on the treadmill, swam 20 x 100m with my fishies just because we found ourselves by the pool at lane swim time (Hi 5!), did a hot power yoga class, and spent hours playing with food and reading recipes. And I think I have found an adequate bar replacement. The recipe makes enough for a week, so perfecto! These are delish and have been taste tested by 15 triathletes & workout tested by me this AM on a almost 3hr snowshoe run in the mountains.

I’m going to keep playing in the kitchen, and I’ll come up with more flavours so that every week I can have something new in rotation. For now, these meet my criteria.

  • Easy to make
  • Easy to pack
  • No uber odd, super vegan freaky ingredients.
  • Contain veg or fruit or both.
  • Carbs, protein, and fat. BALANCE is the key to life. And to making my tummy happy.

So, here we go. Feel free to flavour these with what u love. I am a big cinnamon girl, LOVE IT, but lemon oil or zest would work wonders here, as would sea salt. Ginger would rock and be warming for outdoor fun.  Almond butter, or any nut butter would work, just use a thick butter, not a runny peanut butter. To pack them, you must coat them in something, to lessen the sticky. I tried rolling them in raw cacao powder, hubby said the first taste on the tongue was “too much”. Hemp seeds work amazing. Ground nuts or unsweetened coconut would be brilliant too.  Today I mixed a bit of cacao powder with hemp seeds and chia seeds- A-OK for a morning in the snowy trails!     Enjoy!

Raw Carrot Cake Power Balls

Triathlete tested, kid approved.

Triathlete tested, kid approved.

  • 3 large organic carrots, grated 
  • 9 dates, soaked in apple or pineapple juice for + 1hr
  • 1/2 Cup cashew butter
  • 1 Cup + 1 TBSP almond meal 
  • 1/4 Cup hemp seeds
  • 1/4 Cup dehydrated apples*, ground into power in coffee grinder 
  • 1 drop each cinnamon & clove oil (or 1/2 tsp grated ginger, or lemon zest)
  • good sprinkle of sea salt 

– Put the grated carrots in a cheese cloth or a few layers of paper towel, squeeze the excess water out. 

– Place dates in high powered blender or food processor, zip into a thick paste. Add rest of ingredients and give it a good whirl. 

– Using mini ice cream scoop or your hands, roll into balls.  Let chill in fridge. 

– Using a bowl or big ziplock bag, put coating (crushed nuts, coconut, chia, hemp, etc) coat Power Balls.  

– Keep in the fridge, will keep 5 days.

* If you don’t have dehydrated apples, don’t stress it, just add another TBSP of almond meal.  A vanilla or chocolate protein powder would also work as would unsweetened coconut, just give it a whirl in the coffee grinder so you don’t have ‘strings’!

So voila friends. That’s picky with a punch. Make them your own, experiment with your flavours and have fun!

Train safe, eat well, be awesome! 

Jules xx



Running to Find my INTENTION

After a year of purpose & discovery, adventure & much newness, I find myself getting ready for 2015 with more focus than I have ever had in the past.  There are a few long runs in the upcoming weeks which I know are SuperCoach’s way of allowing me time to simmer. To think. Long runs start in mass confusion and end in me feeling so darn smart.  This week and next my focus is exactly what I have been asking myself during my morning meditation lately, What is my purpose? How can I best serve others & myself? What is my true intention?Screen shot 2012-08-25 at 8.06.41 PM

Big questions, with answers that are certainly evolving as I continue on this amazing journey. Looking back I can see the progress, and the sum of all the little steps I have taken in 2014 have given me much faith….  A step as simple as using the word FAITH instead of hope, has made an outstanding difference in my life. Hope is a beggar, Faith has confidence. Some other small steps felt like big leaps at the time, but we committed to them and exiting 2014 our home is a much happier and healthier one that when the year started.  I still haven’t convinced the boys to move to a farm, but, we’re thriving in our little all-natural, granola eating, tree hugging home!!

So much has made the year awesome, that it is hard not to expect too much from 2015. And this is where a few long runs are needed. Where I must continue to search for the meaning of racing this season. Am I going to try to qualify for the 2015 World Champs in Austria and then in Australia for 2016? Do the 70.3 WC’s really even matter to me given they never have in the past? Which race will be my ‘crazy off the path’ race of 2015? Do I get back on the MTB? Do I still even want to race an Xterra? I am signed up for 70.3 IMMT, I need to commit to that race instead of hating it with such passion. No negative on race day, all smiles & skulls & butterflies! Do I want to redo the same July half as every year, or do I want a new challenge?  All these questions need my attention. SuperCoach is away/ off the grid on a well deserved vacation, so it leaves me to figure it all out on my own, like a big girl. Which is exactly what I need to do. #notaproblemalongruncantfix

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 5.51.56 AM  How do I best serve others in 2015? What is my applied purpose with each 4am, each race, each blog post sharing this awesome journey?  What am I doing, besides school, to make my day dream a reality? Am I using my voice loud enough?  YES, a long run is like playing 20 questions with yourself!  What about you? As 2015 gives you a new opportunity to create awesome in your life, how will you use it to fulfill your dreams?  Maybe your dreamBIG is Kona, or the local Sprint. Perhaps you are not even a triathlete, and dream to get your own food truck rollin’!  That’s brilliant, I’ll come taste test your food 🙂 ! Maybe 2014 hasn’t been the easiest of years for you, and you just want to catch a break in 2015… Then I wish it for you, and I have faith it will happen.  YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

My tips on entering 2015 HAPPY & READY:

  • Get a very clear vision of what you want, so you can focus. Then meditate on it, everyday, even for just a few minutes.
  • Eat well, it’s amazing what a better, whole foods diet can do to defog your brain.
  • Exercise and train safe. Sweating releases stress, tension, negativity, your smile.
  • Take a census of your village- do the 5 people you spend the most time with support you? If not, vote some new peeps in. Birds of a feather do indeed flock together. Spend your time with people who know your goal and who support you in it.   I am blessed with brilliant Coach, amazing peeps and an entire team of Betty’s this year, but I started my journey of recovering from PPD alone. I had to make a few amazing friends. I had to ask for help. What a concept! 😉
  • Do something everyday to make that dream happen. Dream & hustle. Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 6.35.25 AM
  • And last but not least, be grateful. We live in a world where selfishness and greed so easily rule. Fuck that. Be the one who says Thank You. Who supports others. Who doesn’t need to ‘one-up’ everyone but who can be humble all while respecting the journey someone else is on. Putting effort into raising others up is energy well spent, and karma is a sneaky one. She’ll get you, good or bad. I suggest staying on her good side. Hi 5 a stranger, make a friend; I love how that happens.

Yes, I take my own advice ^^.  Living an authentic life helps keep the path clear of thorny branches. I’m 40km into this INTENDED run so far this week, I still have 3 very long ones to get through in the next 7 days.  With a smile, an open heart, a clear mind and a butterfly on my crotch I’ll figure it all out.  I’ll post back in a few weeks a smarter, more determined, more smiley me!
I invite you to do the same:

IMG_0267Happy Holidays!!  Eat well, train safe, be awesome!


I feel pretty, oh so pretty badass when I train thanks to Betty Designs. If you would like to get yourself some Betty gear,  click here


All the Betty I can Be

Friends, THANK U! For weeks I asked you to run with your toes crossed, and ride with your fingers also in proper crossed position, because I was waiting on BIG news. BIG news in my world is always fun, I have my own little personal countdown, I mark the mental calendar with X’s. I meditate. I pray. I stay away from walking under ladders and no amount of rain will have me open an umbrella, because chances are I’d open it in the house. And happily, it has once again been proven (proven everyday just by you being in my life, dear friend who reads this.) that I’m a lucky lady.  Dreams really do come true. I AM A BETTY!! OMG!!!!!

Let’s read it together, againScreen shot 2014-12-04 at 4.26.32 AM

Really is that not the most exciting letter head ever?! I almost stopped breathing! I got the contract signed and sent back in record time. Quite honestly, there is not much I could have disagreed with to not accept a place on the team for 2015. Being a Betty in tri is something extremely awesome, but more than gear & the honour, it’s a team of girls ready to change the world for the better.  If being a Betty gives me an extra push to go kick some butt out there in 2015, then yeah! Awesome! SuperCoach will be thrilled. But there is no IF about it, I have a new platform to share from, where perhaps one SuperMama suffering from PPD will have the chance to read my story, or see my team kit in transition and spark up a conversation. My beautiful Betty gear Jett Pack is a head turner; I know that it will inspire many to keep dreaming & hustling because they will love again.

#IamaBetty2015 is the hashtag 🙂 We all know I love hashtags! Follow my adventures on social media with #IamaBetty2015 and #tri2015 and you’ll be sure to catch yourself some awesome discounts for beautiful Betty Gear this season too!


In other good news, school is ripping along. I have no time. Seriously, I took on getting a diploma when I am also chasing dreams, building a business (want all natural cleaning & bath products, call me!! Smell pretty!), working like a maniac at the office. I meditate when I should study and study when I should be looking for some zen.  Grade 3 is equally as time consuming for Dylan, which means I am needed 🙂 for homework help & chit chats & cuddles & all things awesome about being needed by the love of your life. ❤  Plus I am ordering a SUP so I can really work on my tan next summer (OW swim fishies, yep, this is going to be fun!). Taking up yet another sport is considered cross training, right? 🙂  Yet the other good news we had our fingers and toes crossed for finally came in, two course grades, a 90% and a 91%.  You bet I let out a sigh of relief! Some reworking of the study time is needed, all the above must happen, but I need to reshuffle my day as waiting for a grade should not be an all-consuming nail biting event. Actually NOW is my allotted study time, but I NEED to get this blog out!

What else is new? A change of shoes. I dropped the Kinvara’s, picked up my old Zoots, and knocked 30secs off my pace time. HMMMM… I know. I have my people figuring that one out….But I’m really HAPPY. So if Zoot wants to send some shoes to this Betty Girl, so I can run in new shoes not old ones, it would be awesome!!  Tempo, size 10.  Whatever colour you have awesome Zoot rep, I’m not picky.  If YOU run in a Kinvara size 10, let me know.

Cooking classes! YEP! You heard right!  I’m getting there, but the 1st class is kinda happening next week. Thursday Dec  We’re starting with Tea & Kombucha, and from there once a month I will host a cooking class. Yes, all will be vegan, but we’ll go from food to eat to food for kids to food for the athlete. I’m super excited, and if you are local please join us! My little kitchen can only hold so many, but you have priority over Matthew Kenney, no worries! 😉 Tea Time invite

I saw the Tea presentation at Cafe Gratitude in LA, and fell in love. It’s winter, it’s cold, and I know everyone really just wants to see my scobies!   Please join me, it would be my honour to have you in my kitchen.

I have been cooking up a storm lately, the winter weather tends to push me into my kitchen again. Vegan seasonal food is so much fun to discover. The boys are eating meat only once a week by their own choice, so I’m testing and tasting and we’re having little vegan feasts every weekend. I’ll share my current fav, because I’m eating this in industrial quantities right now. I’m pouring it, dipping things in it, licking it from the bowl… It’s a dynamic dressing you can make your own depending on what you love! Thicken it, thin it out, load it with garlic & rosemary oil for the most awesome potato dipping sauce. OMG. I’m hungry now…

Vegan Cesar Dynamic Dressing, ez ez yummers!!

3/4 cup soaked cashews
2 TBSP dijon
11/4 cup water (or more, depending how ‘creamy’ u like it)
2 cloves garlic
3 drops lemon oil
1TB apple cider (u can use vegan worcestershire if u prefer a more authentic caesar dressing)
1 TBSP capers (optional)
EV Olive Oil

Blend up the cashews with water, then add rest of ingredients. 

From top of blender whirl in a few glugs of EV olive oil. 

Blend to consistency, adding capers (optional) last. Add some S&P to taste. I like it thick & creamy! It’s great as a dip too.
For a delish vegan twist on a caesar, mix salad very well to cover kale leaves, then top salad with a sprinkle of hemp seeds & nutritional yeast. Croutons if u like the gluten!

For a great dipping sauce, for potatoes especially, add in 2 drops of Rosemary oil when adding the lemon oil. AMAZING! 

And because we know my food pics are just horrible, I’m just skipping it. Make it, love it, let me know how you jazzed it up!

Oh, and I was invited to a roundtable discussion about training nutrition & calorie displays. 5 endurance athletes, shooting the s*#%… Have a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it!  Click here

& thats a wrap…..

Eat well, train safe, be awesome! Thanks for reading!! 



1 Thing to Love

Just a quick log in… to share.

Today I found my old Facebook posts. Posts & pictures from days I don’t remember well, not because Facebook has been around so long, but because I still have memory blanks from the many months battling PPD.  I’ve stopped fighting with those memories, at the wise advice of my Mommy, who reminded me that maybe I am not supposed to remember, because maybe I am not supposed to go back.

Point being, Facebook brought up some pictures I never knew existed. They really are on the www forever!! LOL Pictures of my Dylan, so young & squishy & cute. I’ve spent a good two hours looking at old pictures, and I’m OK 🙂 There is nothing but gratitude in my heart for this 2nd chance I am living. I have nothing but sincere love for all who have been around all these years, watching him grow up, cheering for me! It takes a village, that’s for sure!

I write to say THANK YOU. And to also tell you that if you are alone tonight, looking at old pictures of days more joy-filled, you are not alone. You will love again, you just need some help. And that’s perfectly OK. Life is made to end on a happy note; we are meant to go out spent & exhausted from dream chasing & Hi 5ing & racing & love making & chocolate eating. If you can write down 1 thing tonight that you want to be alive for tomorrow, then 1 thing is all you need. Nothing more. There is nothing overwhelming about it…Just 1 thing for tomorrow.  I had a race coming up. Selfish as that may seem, that 1 thing got me here. Surrounded by love, good friends, smiles and a world of potential to make awesome things happen.

1 thing. Ask for help. Reach out, put self-love first. If you need to print a pic of the Big Blue Head, please be my guest. I had the logo created for me, for you, for us all… That we may see it on Facebook or a blog or a race or my biz card or somewhere in the files of the www and we may remember that we should be mindful to love. To put love first. We all need more of it.

If you are suffering, you are not alone. You are more loved that you believe.
If you are battling PPD, I invite you to contact Jenny’s Light .

Eat well, train safe, be awesome,

Jules xxhead_heart_1


A BIG week of Little FAVOURITE Things

It’s a big week. I’m having trouble blogging the recipes you are all waiting for only because 1) I need a night home to make them again to take my legendary awful food pics 2) my fingers are crossed so tight it’s hard to type.

It’s been a BIG week here in the HAPPY home, & it’s not over. I am waiting on BIG news regarding tri, on a BIG test result for school, I had a BIG month of Oct with #smilenaturally, I was recovering from a BIG muddy run last Saturday so focus is BIG time on recovery protocol this wk…. (I’ll be blogging about my recovery routine & which supplements I take soon, seems to be a hot topic in questions I get!).

So as I linger in an extra hour of daylight savings time this AM, I am sharing my favourite things, for Fall. The 2 posts of my fav things this summer were a hit with u awesome readers, so I’m sharing what I am using & loving as the seasons change to brrrrrr. Enjoy!

Gut health. You can’t deny the supers powers good gut health gives. And key to a happy gut, is a good poop. Yep, I said it. Now I’ll say no more except that if you want to increase your super power potential, get a Squatty Potty. You’ll bring joy to your gut, and add time to your morning as you’ll poop faster than Superman in a phone booth. *sound effects not included.

Get yours Squatty Potty here

Coffee Ginger Chews. By the Ginger People. Awesome. These quick to eat little ginger bites are not only tasty, they warm you up. Need a quick pick-me-up when you are out running or riding in the cold, these little perfectly portioned chews make everything about life better. & they have coffee in them. No more explanation needed 🙂

I buy mine at my local organic-bio market store. Buy 2 packs while you’re at it! Thank me later!

Non-GMO too!!

Non-GMO too!!

Root vegetables. The cooler weather brings new harvest to farmers fields. Generations before us didn’t eat strawberries in winter, they ate pickled and fermented foods, root vegetables and apples they had stored in the cold room. I invite you to be kind to your body, learn to love the seasonal harvest. Our bodies are meant to change with the seasons, as is our cooking. Root vegetables are delicious, and although they might take time to prepare, a roasting pan and a slow cooker can do the bulk of the work for you in creating delicious and nutritious meals.  Canning beets & carrots might be an afternoon well spent to provide you with organic, power packed foods throughout the winter month.

My favourite, simple & easy:

  1. Turn the oven to 375. Put a TBSP of coconut oil in a roasting pan and place the pan in the oven as it warms. 
    Meanwhile wash & peel beets, carrots and 1 small butternut squash. 
  2. Quick chop veg to similar, chunk size. Throw into hot pan, spread evenly. 
  3. Roast for 20min. Move veg around. Cook 15min more. 
  4. Sprinkle with sea salt. Grab a fork. Thank me later. 

BEETS: good source of Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Folate, Potassium and Manganese. Runners, beets are also nitrate-rich!! 🙂
CARROTS: good source of Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate and Manganese, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Potassium. Carrots are awesome with both high carotenoid and polyacetylenes content, Hi 5 to eating phytonutrients!!
BUTTERNUTSQUASH: good source of Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Calcium and Magnesium, and a very good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, and beta-carotene.



Beautiful Fall Jewelry at Horn Rimmed Harriet. I love the art this Canadian girl is creating. Besides being a girl who feels pretty, oh so pretty in my Betty gear & trucker cap more than anything else, I love simple, natural looking accessories that do not overpower my very stylish, athletic looking outfits. I also have completely embraced the powerful benefits of aromatherapy in my spaces & my life. After years of not wearing perfume for not wanting to spray my skin with chemicals, I have discovered that pure, from the Earth essential oils smell heavenly and can be mixed & matched to reflect my mood or my need (an energy boost, some balance, some focus & clarity). The beautiful collection at Horn Rimmed Harriet also let’s me add a drop of essential oils to my jewelry, allowing me to look great, smell great and feel great about what I purchase. Simply stunning pieces, I want this girl as a sponsor- Triathlon needs more girlie pretty!!

Raw tahini. For dressings, vegan cream sauces, spread over a banana for a pre-ride breakfast, on a spoon straight out of the jar- I have always loved tahini. Now I am tastebuds over tummy over raw tahini. The texture is brilliant, smooth yet a bit grainy for a little substance. The color is stunning compared to other imported brands, and it’s uses are plenty.
It’s a great source of vitamin E, some potent B vitamins, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and calcium! Yep, get on it, or rather get some on whatever you eat, it’s full of good things!


Yoga. I love yoga, not so much for the purpose to get better at yoga, but to get better at being me. Yoga is a workout to the many parts that make me strong, hopefully fast, always happy. A strong body is a strong mind is a strong smile for this triathlete. Keeping my head & muscles in proper alignment both physically and spiritually is priority in recovery. Yoga gives me time to focus on making sure my range of motion isn’t compromised (could lead to injury) my flexibility is improving (riding is aero for hours requires smooth flow in my upper body) and my core gets it’s needed workout as well. Core is key, build it, speed will come.
Like many Mommies and time-crunched athletes, I don’t have time to get to a yoga studio. I am a yogi in my PJ’s at home in the pain cave. I diffuse Balance blend, and I get to work. After years of DVD’s, a new website has changed my routine forever. I can choose my instructor, choose the class my body needs that day, turn on and turn off on my own time. Brilliance. In Francais and in English, My Virtual Yoga… Making the indoors winter months that much more awesome & productive!

There you have it, some awesome things that I am loving this fall. That I will love all winter and probably to infinity & beyond.

What are you loving? What is keeping you HAPPY and empowered this winter? Sharing is caring! Thanks for reading, you are the most awesome!

Eat well, train safe, be awesome….& yes, there’s a oil to diffuse for that!
Jules xx


Happy Is as Happy Does

I am now at 2. I will go back for # 3… My espresso machine knows my name, and it knows which buttons to press just as I know that pressing it’s round red button gets me another cup of Kick Ass. There is a co-existence here that can only be understood by other Early Birds. I exist because of coffee.  Let me grab my cup before I start typing, I make enough grammatical errors at 4am, no reason to make things worse……Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 5.47.48 AM

The 2014 tri season is officially over. The little hashtag that could, #tri2014, came to represent much more than I could have imagined when I created it 11 months ago. #tri2014 was about doing things different, trying new things in my race nutrition, my mental game, the way I race.. For all things tri related, I wanted to push the boundaries. Looking back now in reflection, I think I pushed the boundaries everywhere else in my life as well, as #tri2014 became a mentality that spilled out into other areas of my life. An unprecedented side effect I am extremely grateful for; also happy I had the guts for.

  • Back to school for another diploma, Natural Nutrition – my passion!
  • Buying & attempting to ride a MTB for a 63km race up a ski hill
  • Becoming the DIY queen of my castle in a #homeeconomics blitz to get the chemicals out
  • I tried meat. Liver to be exact
  • Work less, play more, be a more present parent and ditch the Crackberry

On top of some big mental changes in my training & racing, 2014 was a crazy insane sexy cool amazing season. (U know u are a triathlete when u speak in ‘seasons’ not actual calendar years!)  I look back with pride, I look forward with excitement. My only advice, drink Kick Ass coffee and trust yourself. If I had listened to people around me I’d have never taken on most of the above. I’d have fallen for societies vision of what is standard, and maybe lived this season in Mediocreville. I would have been squished under the label of what the world around THINKS a 35 yr old Mama should do.  I’ve never been one to conform. U shouldn’t either.

On my office wall there is a framed bib number. # 63. That number has come to represent A LOT in my life, from my email address to my bucket list to my obsession with race numbers. It is from my first ‘adventure’ ever. 7 1/2 years ago as a new mom, I, without training without gear without a clue, signed up for a trail half marathon. When I crossed that finishline, exhausted and perfectly content, on top of the world literally as it ended on the tip of a ski hill, I knew then that conforming was not my style. I am a happier person when I force my comfort zones to back up. That framed bib hangs next to a Maya Angelou quote, “If you want me to do something, tell me I can’t do it.”

In my #tri2014 wrap up I invite you to #tri2015. U don’t have to step out on the edge, u don’t have to revamp ur entire closet, it’s doesn’t have to be 1 giant leap of faith. Step small. Just step. Look yourself up in the dictionary and see if the definition fits, knowing if it doesn’t u can create change. U can be the person u want to be. U can try something new. U can love who u are & who u want to. U can do more than u ever imagined u could if u decide to restructure the boundaries that limit u. Do something that scares the jageebees out of u, u’ll be amazed at how much it changes u. It doesn’t matter what they think, ‘they’ don’t know much. Sing it!   inspiration 1st page

#tri2015 – the hashtag just got introduced! I invite everyone to use it & apply it. Let it take u to new challenges, new adventures, new dreams – BIG OR SMALL- I’m an all or nothing kind of gal, u don’t have to be, u can be anything U want to be… Just fuel properly! 😉

Thank you all for your support throughout the 2014 season. U made it awesome. I’m so happy u are on this journey with me, Hi 5!  There are some exciting things in the pipeline for #tri2015, I’ll share mine if u share urs!

Thanks for reading! Eat well, train safe, be awesome! 


That’s a Wrap..

The great Pumpkinman. An almost perfect finish to a truly perfect season.
The most perfect race with the most thrilling bike course u could ride. I will always end my season here in Maine, at Pumpkinman, because in a sport that can be so selfish and all consuming, at Pumpkinman I am with friends.
I feel home.
And racing on home turf has it’s advantages 😉

This was my 4th time racing Pumpkin, my 2nd time trying to nail it. By nail it I mean go sub 5. I have a sub 5 in me, and although it could feel like I am racing against time LITERALLY as I am now in a new, older age group; these very competitive woman keep getting faster, as I do, and here on Pumpkin terrain is where we are fighting for that perfect race.

I had a perfect race. I wasn’t able to pull off a 4:55 as I had planned & trained for, I finished in 5:13 with a 2nd in AG place on the podium. HAPPY.

So let’s start with the physical.
Swim: Pumpkinman is a loop swim, a triangle we swim twice. Usually the swim is a no brainer for me. I am FOP not because I am a particularly awesome fishie, but because I swim OW a lot and enjoy this start to the day. It’s cool in the water, it’s so no brainer I can meditate on my breath and the ride to come. This season knocked me back to MOP with my worse swim times ever. I have been getting very dizzy in the last 600m, needing to stop, vomit, swim, stop vomit swim… It’s been brutal. I figured it out thanks to many mornings spent swimming in the lake. I have low blood pressure. I have a low resting heart rate as well, like many athletes. Being in a face down vertical position for too long was not allowing enough blood to get to my head. Dizzy in my case, usually means to pass out. So stopping was my only combat in the swim, which made things worse and left breakfast somewhere around the 1500m buoy. Figuring out it was my body positioning, made better but worse by a new high tech very buoyant wetsuit this summer allowed me to take action for Pumpkin and attempt to get my old swim times back. I paid attention to my head position, always looking down at the bottom of the pond and not so much at the feet in front of me. Which meant no taking advantage of a draft, ah well, give & take. I also put an essential oil called Breathe on my chest before the swim, and Peppermint on my neck. Breathe helps with asthma, and it allowed me to have deeper breathing despite the red zone pace & natural allergy tablets called TriEase to ease my seasonal allergies, both assuring I was getting enough air in. Peppermint on my neck helped with dizziness; the cooling sensation kept blood flow and reminded me to be aware of my head position. Mission accomplished! Without a draft for help I swam just under a 33min, placing me 3rd in my AG out of the water, up the hill & onto the bike.

Things That Matter: there is a race within a race at Pumpkin, as coming out of the water there is a big hill into T1. The fastest athlete up the hill wins a prize. It’s that big of a hill!. I was the fastest in my AG up the hill with 1:17 & had the fastest T1 in :54seconds. Only 8 men, mostly Elites, we’re faster! That’s fast. Practice practice practice 🙂 IMG_0251.JPG

Onto the bike I felt very much in control. Last yr at Pumpkin I was sick on the bike and had no energy. This year at Mussel I rode very well, but each pedal stroke felt like knives being pushed into my quads. So I was very much aware of my body getting on the bike this time around. Mental checklist, everything felt ready for a bike race. And what a bike race it was. I have put a lot of time getting better on the bike this season. My handling skills needed work, my fear levels needed pushing back, my belief in myself as a cyclist needed to be developed. Bring in the amazing Coaches at PowerWatts Nord and some time spent on the MTB this summer, Mission Accomplished.
Speed wise I rode a 2:47. Top 20 overall women’s bike time for the day. Not what I had hoped for physically, but certainly I had a breakthrough ride mentally. I got off the bike still in 3rd and felt strong & able heading into the run. I don’t know if anyone smiled as big on Sunday as I did rolling into T2.
This sport is a mega mixup of different things. 3 sports, 2 transitions, many different details that can make or break a race. The attention to those details must be so focused and making little tiny things a priority is the difference between winning & losing, for most.
My poor Coach is not only working with someone who isn’t genetically gifted, but I also have enough mental baggage to kill anyone’s day. I don’t have issues, I have emotions that come out to play on race day, and they are self destructive. The biggest improvements this year were in my head. My Coach became my psychiatrist – he took my head off completely, and put it back on my neck on Saturday night full of confidence, belief, trust. A breakthrough ride. An amazing show of things to come and I was / still am super HAPPY.

The run went disappointingly well. Odd sentence, let me explain. I ran very well. I ran a negative split. I ran pretty well considering only 18 women ran faster than I did on Sunday. My head was on right, I was running strong with no pain in my legs, my feet stayed cool and ready thanks to the peppermint oil in my socks…. I lost time walking the aid stations to get in my coke, and that, I believe, was where I lost my race. Everything went so right, if I think about where I lost it I can only conclude my sub 5hr race is with my nutrition, and although I kept a good pace and ran onto the podium, it was a total time I was chasing and I left that on my transition mat with all the calories I should have taken in. I need more intake on the bike, and I know that, but I didn’t make nutrition a big deal and I didn’t have enough to keep all guns firing on the run. My trained race pace was 20 seconds per km faster than what I pulled out of myself on Sunday. So it was a perfect run, ran in calorie deficiency playing against the rules of the 4th sport in tri, nutrition. When I do the math now, I took in swim start – to – finish line a total of less than 700 calories. Not smart, and not a sub 5 to be found.

Something I should be better at. 😦 Something I will immediately start working on with a sports nutritionist so that I can have to take instruction and not be my own silly self. Hard to get by on a smile

Lesson learned. & I am not making excuses, quite the contrary! I am uber happy, but part of becoming a better athlete, person, friend, mother is being able to look and ask honestly ” could I have done better?” Answer here is yes, I could have. So next time, I do better. Dream & hustle.

And yes, I celebrated my birthday that night with gluten free, vegan dark chocolate cookies. I couldn’t find cake, so I squished 4 cookies together and consumed the calories I needed to smile! Lol. Yum!!

So here I am. 3 days after Sunday, very happy the season was so kick ass awesome in so many ways. No injury, no breakdowns, no fatigue, just fun & progression. I thank my amazing, brilliant Coach David Gagnon for being the puppet master, and all of u for the awesome support. Of course, Musselman and Pumpkinman are my favourite races ever: tough courses, exceptional competition, and more fun than any other big name race out there. I will be at both again in 2015 and I invite u to join me for what is sure to be an awesome day.
I am going to enjoy a month of trail running & mountain biking, then it’s begging the Coach the let me get back to training. 🙂 watch out 2015, she’s ready!!


Shout outs to my favourite things that kept me happy this past season:
Everyone of u. U & U & U & U & U, takes a village to raise me up. Thank u!
Kicking Horse Coffee, get some, it makes every 4am the best 4am
DoTERRA essential oils keep me healthy and training & smiling naturally
PowerWatts Nord Come ride this winter, just stay off the treadmills 😉
Cycle Suroit & JogX without their support, I’d be really tripoor
Betty Designs for making the prettiest women’s tri kits. Comfy & beautiful.

Eat well (eat enough pls!), train safe, be awesome, and thx!!