Running to Find my INTENTION

After a year of purpose & discovery, adventure & much newness, I find myself getting ready for 2015 with more focus than I have ever had in the past.  There are a few long runs in the upcoming weeks which I know are SuperCoach’s way of allowing me time to simmer. To think. Long runs start in mass confusion and end in me feeling so darn smart.  This week and next my focus is exactly what I have been asking myself during my morning meditation lately, What is my purpose? How can I best serve others & myself? What is my true intention?Screen shot 2012-08-25 at 8.06.41 PM

Big questions, with answers that are certainly evolving as I continue on this amazing journey. Looking back I can see the progress, and the sum of all the little steps I have taken in 2014 have given me much faith….  A step as simple as using the word FAITH instead of hope, has made an outstanding difference in my life. Hope is a beggar, Faith has confidence. Some other small steps felt like big leaps at the time, but we committed to them and exiting 2014 our home is a much happier and healthier one that when the year started.  I still haven’t convinced the boys to move to a farm, but, we’re thriving in our little all-natural, granola eating, tree hugging home!!

So much has made the year awesome, that it is hard not to expect too much from 2015. And this is where a few long runs are needed. Where I must continue to search for the meaning of racing this season. Am I going to try to qualify for the 2015 World Champs in Austria and then in Australia for 2016? Do the 70.3 WC’s really even matter to me given they never have in the past? Which race will be my ‘crazy off the path’ race of 2015? Do I get back on the MTB? Do I still even want to race an Xterra? I am signed up for 70.3 IMMT, I need to commit to that race instead of hating it with such passion. No negative on race day, all smiles & skulls & butterflies! Do I want to redo the same July half as every year, or do I want a new challenge?  All these questions need my attention. SuperCoach is away/ off the grid on a well deserved vacation, so it leaves me to figure it all out on my own, like a big girl. Which is exactly what I need to do. #notaproblemalongruncantfix

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 5.51.56 AM  How do I best serve others in 2015? What is my applied purpose with each 4am, each race, each blog post sharing this awesome journey?  What am I doing, besides school, to make my day dream a reality? Am I using my voice loud enough?  YES, a long run is like playing 20 questions with yourself!  What about you? As 2015 gives you a new opportunity to create awesome in your life, how will you use it to fulfill your dreams?  Maybe your dreamBIG is Kona, or the local Sprint. Perhaps you are not even a triathlete, and dream to get your own food truck rollin’!  That’s brilliant, I’ll come taste test your food 🙂 ! Maybe 2014 hasn’t been the easiest of years for you, and you just want to catch a break in 2015… Then I wish it for you, and I have faith it will happen.  YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

My tips on entering 2015 HAPPY & READY:

  • Get a very clear vision of what you want, so you can focus. Then meditate on it, everyday, even for just a few minutes.
  • Eat well, it’s amazing what a better, whole foods diet can do to defog your brain.
  • Exercise and train safe. Sweating releases stress, tension, negativity, your smile.
  • Take a census of your village- do the 5 people you spend the most time with support you? If not, vote some new peeps in. Birds of a feather do indeed flock together. Spend your time with people who know your goal and who support you in it.   I am blessed with brilliant Coach, amazing peeps and an entire team of Betty’s this year, but I started my journey of recovering from PPD alone. I had to make a few amazing friends. I had to ask for help. What a concept! 😉
  • Do something everyday to make that dream happen. Dream & hustle. Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 6.35.25 AM
  • And last but not least, be grateful. We live in a world where selfishness and greed so easily rule. Fuck that. Be the one who says Thank You. Who supports others. Who doesn’t need to ‘one-up’ everyone but who can be humble all while respecting the journey someone else is on. Putting effort into raising others up is energy well spent, and karma is a sneaky one. She’ll get you, good or bad. I suggest staying on her good side. Hi 5 a stranger, make a friend; I love how that happens.

Yes, I take my own advice ^^.  Living an authentic life helps keep the path clear of thorny branches. I’m 40km into this INTENDED run so far this week, I still have 3 very long ones to get through in the next 7 days.  With a smile, an open heart, a clear mind and a butterfly on my crotch I’ll figure it all out.  I’ll post back in a few weeks a smarter, more determined, more smiley me!
I invite you to do the same:

IMG_0267Happy Holidays!!  Eat well, train safe, be awesome!


I feel pretty, oh so pretty badass when I train thanks to Betty Designs. If you would like to get yourself some Betty gear,  click here

What do u think? What r u doing to get faster, eat well, smile??

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