A Few of my Favourite Things!!

Oh my gosh!! Where has time gone! I wake up this AM to realize IMMT 70.3 is this Sunday, which means SUMMER is here!! I haven’t written since Winter. YIKES!  Well, blame a few things my dear reader, but not my heart!

Spring finally blessed us with some great riding weather, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to taking FULL ON advantage of it. I had a great 6 day training block in May which allowed me to live like a pro and log in some serious time on the bike. Although improving my headspace and my run has been the focus coming into this season, the bike is where this Betty is happy. Scared shitless but happy. #lovemybikes  7 months of Winter-Spring training under the amazing guidance of SuperCoach, and I’m very happy to have pulled in an AG winning race 2 weeks ago!!! Came home having faced a few fears and earned some free swag! 😀 YAHOO!

Beyond training & riding bikes, my happy place is my kitchen. Although I have as much time for cooking as I seem to for blogging these days, our daily life still revolves very much around whole, natural, yummy foods.  Most days that means butternut squash fries dipped in a dilled-out dijon for me, or a well topped grass-fed burger for the boys.   The BBQ is out, and seemingly always on, making sure our cauliflower is just the perfect shade of “Grilled”, YUM!

Since there are no secrets when it comes to food, truth be told I was diagnosed with an insane stomach issue in the Spring, which has completely altered my diet. I do want to blog about that, because it’s been a lot of work to figure out, and a TON of tears as I try to train & race through it…. That post will be up next week. Once I test out my new race nutrition this weekend, I think I’ll be in a much better place to inform & maybe help many of you out there. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I have tried to keep my focus on the things I love, the people I adore, and the very awesome fact that even when we don’t feel completely awesome, a smile can change everything.  So what are my absolute FAVOURITE, MUST HAVES that are keeping me HAPPY & smiley as the sun comes out and the days get longer & crazier?  Where am I shopping (always online!) for fun & food? Heres the list, my favs, for Spring- Summer 2015 #sharingiscaring

Best headbands for active girls & SuperMamas, ever. Hands down. Stay in place when running, and are oh-so-pretty!  So thrilled to have discovered these, the site pics do no justice to the bright, pretty colours… I want them all!!  Bonus: the site owner is a SuperMama triathlete herself!!   Sweaty Bands

Anything ‘bike’ wins me over. (Have u seen my summer purse??) The bike themed, hand crafted jewelry from Plaid Lab Studio  is perfect for any girl who lives on 2 wheels!!

so perfect!!

so perfect!!

Of course, rocking my Team Betty training and racing gear is an honour I am seriously giddy about this season! What a team to be a part of!! #badassisbeautiful I’ve been training in nothing but beautiful Betty Designs gear for 4 years….I literally have a closet just for it all! The bright colours pop to help me feel visible out on the roads, the tri shorts are so comfy I train in them even for long rides. And, more than anything, I am proud to wear a brand that supports women in sport…Every girl should know how badass & beautiful she is!!   Shop here: Betty Designs

Condiments.. Oh I love my condiments!! I eat a lot of raw veggies, a LOT, and nothing is more fun than to dipping veggies into something yummy!! Portion control is a must with condiments, so be fancy and scoop some into a little dish, just for you. You get no more, no less, but you get to taste the love!!!!    Take a good dijon, add mucho freshly chopped dill, a drop of honey, and dip an entire batch of butternut fries… Oh heaven!!
Melted coconut oil, sea salt, rosemary oil, chopped fresh basil… Dip roasted cauliflower florets, or baked potato wedges, thank me later.
If you are a fruit snacker, nothing says “I’m an athlete” more than spooning some espresso nut butter from Big Spoon Roasters on your apple. Spoon it, forget a knife, a spoon lets you pile it high!!

take Dylan's advice, use a big spoon!!

take Dylan’s advice, use a big spoon!!

Finally, as you are shopping for all these awesome things, listen to me and my nutty endurance friends as we chat about when to call your coach, kids in sport, goals in racing, and much more on the Tioga Wellness Podcast!!  listen here, & thx!!

As I mentioned, I will blog next week about all my drastic diet changes, race nutrition options for those with sensitive tummys or equally life-altering gut issues. I’ll go from A – Z of it all, from the lab tests to Sunday’s race and how you can help yourself if you are also struggling.  But it’s Hi 5’s and smiles for now, the focus is always on what I CAN do, what I WILL do, and what I love & eat along the way 😀

Eat well, train safe, race hard! Be awesome,

What do u think? What r u doing to get faster, eat well, smile??

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