#Bettysgetitdone    I made up that hashtag during what was probably my first week as a member of Team Betty. It’s stuck with my teammates, and it’s certainly one I also use often. We get it done. Badasses get it done. I might never have considered myself a true badass until that hashtag got me to the start line of IMMT 70.3 last Sunday.  Devoid of energy, clinging to my smile only because I do love my sport something fierce, I lined up absolutely scared to bonk. To break. To admit that 3 months of meds and an extreme change to my diet had left me void of hope of accomplishing anything “badass” at all. I was scared shitless to not get it done.  With that hashtag written on my hand as a reminder I got it done way better than I expected. (I didn’t break, until the last 2km!)  And just as the universe does sneaky things on purpose to teach us…. two days later the call from my doctor came in, I’m free. I’m healed. I’m not 100%, but the worst is over, I got it done!!!  #badassisbeautiful

I was honoured to be on the Tioga Wellness podcast that same day, only 2 days after attempting to PR IMMT 70.3 on very restrictive medical diet, to discuss the past 3 months of my life as I tried to cure my gut from 3 nasty bacteria overgrowth issues. I did my best to express myself, as from the comments I received on my last post I know there are a lot of peeps out there suffering.  The conversation was unexpected, but along with my friends Tom and Chris I believe we covered all the territory in the most simple and athletic sense.

I invite you to listen in, perhaps take away some golden tidbits that will help guide you to seek help, or at least question some alternatives for you in your life so that you can also bounce back more badass to race strong & healthy this Summer.

We also chat about Carb-Backloading, Weight loss during racing season, How to choose the best race for you, and why it doesn’t matter if the aid-station buffet is non-GMO 😉

Here is the link: Tioga Wellness Podcast

If you are wondering what tests I did, what those tests proved, what my protocol was and who is the awesome sports nutritionist who held my hand throughout please email or PM me on Facebook.    Feeling good feels really good!!! My wish is that we all feel our very best everyday, so we can put our best self out there to get it done!!

Train safe, eat well, be awesome, and DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

Jules xx

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 5.51.56 AM

What do u think? What r u doing to get faster, eat well, smile??

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