Happy Triceratops is very much a blog about my journey & all my favourite things related to getting faster, living better (my definition of), and trying to make the world a happier place.

I am a nutrition junkie who is back in school, getting my diploma in Natural Nutrition. I cook mostly vegan food. Always gluten free. I am a graduate of the Montreal Cooking Academy,  survived a short career in a professional kitchen and now LOVE cooking for my family & friends. I read & research & study & fascinated with how food effects the body, how the body reacts to the foods we eat, how those foods empower and fuel us in our daily life and in training & racing. I experiment with food a lot in my triathlon training. Yes, I try new things on race day – I’ll tell you all about those experiences here. Successes & failures.

Triathlon is my obsession. I spend a ton of time in spandex; it makes me feel like a superhero. If you don’t exercise, or don’t swim or bike or run, then WELCOME. I have no clue how you found me, (all my friends wear spandex) but please, mi blog tu blog, go through the content, or lack of at this point, and please, go dust off your rusty bike in the garage. Put some air in those tires, and GOGOGO.
Around these parts we are a bit bike-crazy; I invite you to ride one, you’ll feel like a kid again, I promise!

I’m a mother of an 8yr old so if you are also a parent, and have figured out how to get your child to eat better please send me a link to your blog! I am trying my best to get more & more good into Dylan’s diet; some things make me the best cook ever! Some get spit out like bad milk (milk is bad, I’m trying to get him off of milk, but since they put chocolate in it I’m losing the battle.). I’ll post about those adventures here, and please comment, let me know what works for you.

I’m not the worlds best photographer, but I’ll do my best to post pics because pics of green food seem all the rage at the moment! 😉

I’m also not someone who has a ton of time for baking, nor do I believe in eating sugar so when I do make a dessert, I’ll share as long as no one laughs at my presentation skills. Also, ‘dessert’ in my world is not quite the same as ‘dessert’ as most know it- I’m a 100% cacao kind of gal, please don’t send me hate mail!

Also, I am not a blogger. I have no clue how to work this wonderful WordPress site, I’ll try to figure out everything as we go.  My blogs text/ presentation/ titles and pages might be a bit wrong for a while. Please have patience…This is raw eating, raw tri training (blood, sweat & tears!) and raw blogging I suppose. I hope I don’t make you dizzy.

In any case, welcome. Thanks for reading, you are the most awesome.


*The term mostly is used because I have a family & a life and I refuse to be a jerk when other people are kind enough to cook for me.

What do u think? What r u doing to get faster, eat well, smile??

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